Your Advertising Options with Google Ads

Your Advertising Options with Google Ads [Aug 2022]

Google Ads has developed into much more than solely simple ads that appear in the search results. You can advertise across the internet on over 2 million websites, on YouTube, you can create different search

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Job title targeting for social media ads
Social Media Advertising

Job Title Targeting for Social Media Ads

Business to Business (B2B) advertising can be tricky. Even more so online. There are countless channels touting they can get your business in front of thousands of eyeballs — and that may be true. But,

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woman on laptop
Email Marketing

2022 Email Marketing Trends

Ray Tomlinson sent the first ever email to himself in 1971 and, since then, email marketing has grown to take the world by storm. There are traditional ebbs and flows in the trends of email

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4 Ways to Keep Digital Environmentally Friendly

For as long as a lot of us can remember, we’ve been placing an emphasis on “saving paper to help the environment.” This practice extended to businesses as one by one they went paperless and

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Advertising Opportunities With Secure Browsers

Advertising Opportunities with Secure Browsers

It makes me uncomfortable to think about all of the data and privacy breaches that have happened as of late. Governments, Businesses, and People are all getting hacked, their most important data being exposed. Naturally,

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Web Design

8 Signs You Need to Update Your Website in 2022

As a general rule of thumb, (depending on your industry) your website needs to be updated every 4-5 years. It’s important to ensure that the face of your business online is always fresh, relevant, eye-appealing,

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Email Marketing

2021 Holiday Marketing Trends

The holidays are fast approaching- and I mean like CRAZY fast. 2021 has flown by and the holiday season will be just the same, so it’s important to get a jump start on your holiday

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