SSL Certificates

SSL Certificate/https Setup, Renewal, Repair

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, and it’s essentially a security blanket for your website. It protects the connection between your web server and the user’s computer. This ensures that both your website data and the user are protected from any malicious intent.

How an SSL works

User visits your site: Either through clicking a link in Google, email, or other channels or by typing the address into the URL bar, a user enters your website.
A handshake is exchanged: The user’s server and the server your website lives on begin to talk to one another. They send code to encrypt and decrypt, which allows them to acknowledge that the other is secure.
The user is able to view your website: Once the handshake is exchange and the code encrypting/decrypting is completed, the user is allowed to access your website because the connection is secure.
It happens quickly: This whole exchange happens so quickly that the user doesn’t even realize it’s happening. When it takes longer, that indicates that there is an issue with the SSL that needs to be resolved.


This is a problem: If your SSL is not working, not up to date, or if you simply don’t have one- this is a big problem. When this happens, users receive a warning that your website is not secure and have to acknowledge that & jump through hoops to get to your website. This causes users to bounce and can hurt your business.
We can help: Our team here can help you to manage your SSL, keep it up to date, and ensure it is working properly to help users establish a secure connection to access your website.
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