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It has been a long time coming, but we finally got the chance to work on and launch a website for our hosting services. We wanted to expand and separate this service and capture some SEO value. When people search for website hosting services in Cincinnati, we wanted to be sure that we are at the top of the page. We also wanted the design of the website to represent our sleek, progressive approach to website hosting while also helping users to feel connected to the real people behind our services. The end result is everything we dreamed of and more.

Search Engine Optimization

While we mention our hosting services on our main website,, we wanted to capture even more search engine result page real estate by having a website completely dedicated to those services. By creating a website optimized for website hosting and website security services in Cincinnati, we can focus the structure, content, and blog posts on that website to be specifically geared towards hosting. This will improve our chances of ranking in those searches and increasing our conversions.

Design Highlights

When we began brainstorming our website, we envisioned a website with the same general branding that can be found on the webFEAT Complete website, but with enough of a twist to differentiate and highlight the technical website hosting services we offer. The end result was sleek, modern, and inviting to those who may be looking for a website host.
To be sure we are capitalizing on the opportunity to rank for key phrases related to website hosting, we took great care to outline our specific services that fall under that umbrella. We have a different page for each service area: website hosting, email hosting, and our WordPress Protection Plan. Each page carefully details what that service is and helps the user to better understand why those services are essential to online success.
Much like our webFEAT Complete website, we wanted the webFEAT Hosting website to be a portal that customers can use to receive support for any questions they may have. We ensured that each support option was laid out clearly so that it is very easy for our customers to get help.

Services Provided

  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Management

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