Aniara had a specific request when they asked us to take on their website development. They wanted a way to market each individual product without affecting the integrity of their existing SEO. We presented them with the solution of utilizing microsites for each product that all tie back into the main brand but are capable of standing alone and sustaining their own SEO.

Newest Microsite

Since beginning to work with our team, Jr Ranger Shop’s sales have almost doubled by spending only $24 a day on ad spend.. Based on our analytics, 63% of their sales are directly attributed to Social Media Ads.

Our Process

What Are Microsites?

A microsite is a small, 3-4 page website that is built to promote a brand but uses a domain different than the main brand. For example, is the main brand website, and their microsite is used to promote that specific product as well as Aniara’s overall brand. The microsite’s branding is in synch with the main brand website and also links back to the main website as well.

Benefits of Microsites

Microsites are super beneficial to help your business use SEO and PPC in tandem. For Aniara, we built their microsites to be hyper-focused on the specific keywords that each product needed to rank for. This helped their PPC ads for each product to have a higher CTR as well as a lower cost per click. It also helped their sites to rank organically for those keywords. You can learn more about how to leverage microsites for your business on our blog.


Each microsite’s SEO was specifically targeted to the product that it highlights. We helped Aniara craft natural, quality content to boost the site’s organic ranking. That natural content works in tandem with the targeted keywords used in the site’s PPC campaigns. Because each product has a unique audience, this helped us be extremely specific in our targeting so that we could help Aniara increase their CTR and conversion rate on their ads.

Website Design

We wanted Aniara’s microsites to be clear, concise, and match their overall branding. We helped to build them websites with an appealing design and optimize it to be responsive and mobile-friendly. All microsites’ SEO was also optimized for their individual products and the overall brand.

Design Highlights

The microsite designs match the branding of the original website. This helps maintain brand consistency and awareness and helps the sites flow naturally with one another.
We optimized every Aniara microsite to be completely responsive and mobile-friendly. This helps to increase their conversions because search devices come in many shapes and sizes now and customers are more likely to stay on a site if it is friendly to their device.

Services Provided

  • Website Design
  • Mobile & Responsive Design
  • Microsite Development
  • SEO
  • PPC

Website Features

  • High-quality imagery
  • Responsive web design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Microsite Landing Pages

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