Happy Go Healthy

Happy Go Healthy Pets was ready to develop and launch their e-commerce site and market their brand. They wanted to raise awareness for their product and grow their sales online, and they knew webFEAT Complete was the best team to help them. We worked with HGH to help launch their new website and social channels and have already seen great success from our efforts. We look forward to watching their business grow and seeing how their supplements help your fur babies become happier, healthier pets.

Search Engine Optimization

When you’re starting from scratch with a brand new website, ramping up the SEO efforts can take some time. For Happy Go Healthy, we have made tremendous strides over the past few months growing their organic web traffic. We have seen their organic traffic grow by 26% and we expect the growth to continue and be amplified by ongoing SEO and the other digital marketing efforts we are providing to supplement.

Google Ads + Social Media Ads

We are seeing rapid growth in email acquisition from Google and Social ads. Every day, their brand and network grow bigger and bigger, increasing the opportunity for more sales and ROI. With continued optimization and refined ad targeting, we expect the growth to continue for their brand and eventually for their investment in digital marketing to pay for itself.

Design Highlights

Happy Go Healthy came to us with very strong branding already in place, which really helped guide the design of their entire website and make it pop. The bright bold colors and interactive graphics can be seen throughout the entire website, which makes buying their products a fun and happy experience.
As part of their e-commerce capabilities, HGH needed the cart to have an interaction option for people to select from the available subscriptions for each product. They have a variety of different subscriptions for the products and all needed to be presented in a visually appealing manner and work together with the back end of their site to process the subscriptions.
Adding in the email marketing popup is essential for e-commerce websites. It helps them to grow their email lists, which allows them the opportunity to nurture potential leads into sales on their site through sales blasts, drip campaigns, and newsletters. Designing an eye-appealing popup is essential to make those conversions

Services Provided

  • Website Design
  • Mobile/Responsiveness
  • SEO
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media Ads

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