What is a Conversion?

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A conversion is different for every business and is dependent on your goals.

Types of Conversions

  • clicks on phone # links
  • clicks on email links
  • Form Submissions
  • Newsletter Signups
  • Promotion sign up
  • Visiting the cart
  • Visiting the checkout
  • Transactions + Revenue
  • PDF/Brochure/Form Download
  • Software Download
  • Software Install
  • Scheduling an appointment
  • Making a reservation or clicking to an external reservation link (like OpenTable)
  • Clicking to a portal
  • Account registration

Examples by Business Type

For ecommerce businesses, a successful SEO campaign drives more transactions and revenue. Keep in mind that businesses can incorporate ecommerce even if it isn’t the focus of the business. EX: HVAC maintenance packages, gym memberships, subscriptions, etc.

For an offline service business, a successful SEO campaign might be more focused on request for estimates on an install, clean up, etc.

For a restaurant, driving to go/online orders + clicks to an OpenTable reservations link could be the most important.

Measuring Success of Digital Campaigns

There are plenty of metrics outside of “conversions” that are valuable, but ultimately conversions will measure the success of a digital marketing campaign.

We can use Google Tag Manager + Analytics to track conversions, and where they’re coming from (organic search, PPC ads, social media ads, backlinks, etc.) This not only helps us to build successful campaigns, but also helps us continually improve, and reinvest time and dollars where the most return is being generated.

Conversions Section of GA

We generate Conversions + ROI on digital marketing investments.

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