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Jake Ostmann-PPC Expert

Digital Advertising focused on continual improvement and ROI

Immediate search presence + flexibility for rapid adjustments

There are frequent advertisements at the top of search results pages. How do you get there? With Pay Per Click (PPC) ads.
We can have a campaign up and running for you within 48 hours, appearing for a certain set of target search phrases, products or interest groups. We move quickly, but are sure to input key settings that will minimize wasted spend. Google Ads especially can have high-click costs, and one wrong setting can have you appearing for irrelevant keywords, wasting money.
At webFEAT Complete, we do the research that will get your campaign off on the right foot, whether it be a 2-4 week campaign, or an ongoing effort. With long-term campaigns, we continually improve based on data. Our top goal is to generate ROI, and scale it.

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