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Recency and being current is more important than ever for websites and content.

Trends come and go. Technology improves. Innovators create.

One fact remains: a good-looking, fast-loading, user-friendly website can make a great first impression on a potential customer.

Even better-it can make your business money.

This post will help anyone wondering if it might be time for a redesign.

It will also help those who think their content, images, or other resources are due for an update or need to be regularly updated.

Website Shelf-Life and Redesigns

We typically tell our clients that websites should look fresh for relatively 3-5 years, with some variance by industry.

For example, a tech or software company should always be innovating and updating its website, maybe within 2-3 years. While an HVAC company can probably get a good-looking site up and keep it up for 4 or 5.

Think about if you were searching for a vendor and you went to a new, compelling website. Then, the next site you hit is a dated and hard-to-use website. Wouldn’t that speak volumes about each vendor? Check out some before and after images to see how dramatic a website redesign can be.

One of our favorite parts about working in WordPress is that it helps to keep redesign costs down for our clients. We can make significant updates to your existing site, or rebuild it a bit easier than a typical full-on redesign. So now our clients can embrace staying up to date, rather than dreading the cost.

Before and After Website Redesign

Pair a quality, SEO-incorporated redesign with a strategically planned migration, and your website can end up pay for itself. Especially with persistent, ongoing digital efforts.

Updating Content and Resources + The Impact

Speaking of ongoing digital efforts, everyone should be updating or adding content and resources regularly.

If your content is stagnant, it’s just getting older and less relevant while new and more helpful content for your target audience emerges.

Adding and updating content strategically lets search engines know that you’re working hard to provide quality content, and it also will be evident to potential customers.

Along with this, fresh and informative content can rank well. You can actively provide an educational resource with your blog to drive traffic, you can update product or service pages based on what is most important at the moment, republishing content to provide additional information, the list could go on. We just recommend that whatever kind of content you’d like to create, make sure it has a target audience and goal. That will help guide the content creation or updates.

Our blog

Managing content is a big job, and hiring a team is expensive. At webFEAT, you get a team that works on your account without the price tag of an internal one, or even a single internal hire.

Hire a Long Term Partner to Handle This For You

We don’t want to solely be your website design company, we want to be a partner you can count on for your online presence. We’ll focus on your online growth and associated marketing and sales goals, so you can focus on what you do best.

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