Before & After Website Designs

Rejuvene Youth

Rejuvene has quickly become one of our biggest success stories. With their new website design and our SEO efforts, we have helped them increase their daily impressions from 100 to 1,000 per day. We look forward to continuing to help them see success!


On top of managing Bzak’s SEO, we also manage their social media accounts and recently developed a brand new website for them. The work Bzak is putting into their online presence has really been paying off for them, and we are proud to be the team that they trust to help manage their digital marketing efforts.

Gunite Supply

Gunite Supply was in need of a new ecommerce website, and webFEAT Complete was the best company for the job! We worked with them to create a beautifully cohesive website to display all of their product offerings and allow their customers to purchase supplies online.

Concord Fire Protection

Concord Fire and Protection reached out to our team to help give their site a fresh new look. Their team is always adapting to new methods of fire protection, and they wanted their website to reflect that. We worked hard to provide them with a clean, innovative, and interactive website that beautifully displays their work and is enticing to both their current and potential clients.

Covington Housing Authority

The Covington Housing Authority website definitely needed a revamp. The webFEAT team came in and gave it a fresh look with high-resolution images and graphics, along with helping them to create custom forms.

Cincinnati Parks

Parks are a big deal in Cincinnati—they take up over 10% of the city’s total land area. Cincinnati Parks’ website relays the parks’ centuries-long histories, goings-on, and features maps and event listings.


The old Relcon site wasn’t terrible. But they realized that it was probably time to bring it a little bit closer to the modern designs we are now seeing around the internet. We kept a lot of the same information but updated the UX and freshened up the menus and imagery.

Universal Contracting Corp

UCC started well before websites or the internet was even imagined, so needless to say, the site was dated and needed a complete redesign. We not only wanted to design and develop a modern and mobile friendly site, but also showcase some of their most accomplished work.

Dugan & Meyers

We were able to help revamp Dugan & Meyer’s website, along with help them manage their content and ensure the mobile/responsiveness of their new site.

MC Logistics

In such a highly competitive industry, MC Logistics needed a website that not only differentiated them from their competitors but–more importantly–also put them front and center in the mind of prospective clients.

Cincinnati Service and Rebuilders Inc.

Cincinnati Service and Rebuilders needed to improve the branding and user experience on their website in order to stay relevant in today’s competitive market. We helped them do this by creating a logo and contact form and adding industry-related content to their website. In addition, we ensured mobile-friendly use and made the website easier to navigate.
Aside from the new website, we made some recommendations that will help their business grow and stay competitive. Cincinnati Service and Rebuilders can now leverage their SEO-optimized website, email marketing campaigns, and digital ads to gain an upper edge against competitors. We can’t wait to see how all of these changes help them grow in the future!

Steve’s Heating and Cooling

We built out Steve’s Heating and Cooling’s new website design to be more responsive and easier to navigate. We integrated custom forms and implemented an SEO strategy for them as well.
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