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Your website has an expiration date.

If you have an old or outdated website, December 31st, 2020 will be the day your site—and all of its content—enters the proverbial Internet Graveyard. That’s because Adobe will be discontinuing support for Flash on December 31st, 2020.

Your website is the online version of your business. We can help you save it—before it’s too late.

Why Flash Sites Need a Redesign, ASAP

Adobe is encouraging its Flash users to convert their web content to a new format. One of the highly recommended platforms is WordPress, which can be challenging to figure out on your own. Get WordPress experts on your side to help you through this transition.

Popular browsers like Google Chrome, Bing, Microsoft Edge, and Safari are already blocking users from viewing Flash content. That means that visitors to your site can’t read your content, and that means you’re losing their business.

You may have encountered one of Google’s popups which looks something like this:

Google automatically blocks users from viewing Flash content, and requires them to install the Adobe plugin and enable Flash in their browser’s content settings in order to view Flash webpages. That’s a lot of hassle, and less and less people are willing to go through the steps to enable Flash.

If your website is built with Flash, it is time to think about investing in a new website for a number of reasons:

  • You are losing the majority of potential site visitors. 80% of web users are using Google as their search engine. That means roughly 80% of your users aren’t able to access your web content.
  • All that lost traffic is going to your competitors.
  • You are losing SEO value every day you decide not to invest in a new web platform. If Google doesn’t allow its users to view Flash webpages, you can bet they aren’t rewarding Flash sites.
  • Flash sites are notorious for bad user experiences. That’s a big reason why Flash is becoming obsolete. Get a fresh new look so that your visitors will actually enjoy going to your website.
  • Your site could be invisible by 2020.

What to Do

If your website uses flash, the clock is ticking. There is no good reason not to break up with Flash and invest in a modern site that will drive traffic to your site and sales for your business. Request a quote for a modern WordPress redesign that will put your site on the path to success—instead of on the chopping block.


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