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FEAT First Episode 1: Meet the Team

Transcript: Ray: Hi everybody! Welcome to the first episode of FEAT First, our new video series. Today we just want to dive in and allow you to get to know us a little bit better, because I’m sure we’re going to be getting to know you throughout this journey. We’ll

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Introducing FEAT FIRST

FEAT FIRST! It’s the new name of our blog, and our new video series that will talk about all things digital including SEO, Content, Social Media and so much more. This includes current happenings, strategies, people to follow, and more! Watch the introductory video, here: Transcript: Hi. My name is

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Is Email Marketing Still Effective in 2018?

You can’t do much online without an email address these days. Everything from banking, to shopping, and of course social media requires an email address. And for good reason. Sometimes it has to do with security, sometimes it is for confirmation emails or password resets. The point is everyone has

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A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Hashtags

If you’ve used social media in any capacity you’ve probably come across the good ol’ “#” sign. That is a “hashtag” and believe it or not it holds some very powerful and unique super powers. This simple sign when used correctly can greatly benefit your business or brand when it

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What is the Best Social Network for Your Industry?

We recently wrote a blog post that covered how you can manage your business social media accounts efficiently. In it we cover why your business should be using social media, what it takes to manage those accounts, and some tools that would help you in your efforts. We also very

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Why Creating Content is About More than Creating a Checklist

Writing is hard. In the marketing world, we not only have to create content that makes sense for our target audience, but we also need it to be unique and effective, reflect brand qualities and values, be well-reasoned and researched, supply data-driven evidence, be compliant with all the current rules

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Search Phrase and Intent Research vs Keyword Research

Research: Replacing “Keyword” with Search Phrase and Intent

Keyword Research. It’s an important practice in our industry, and a popular topic. When I type it into Google, there are “about 13,600,000 results.” Wow. Guides, Tools, Software, How to’s, all of that good ol’ stuff. All built on the basic premise of identifying what users in a target audience

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UX Writing and Effective Website Content

Conversion reigns as the supreme ROI of SEO. It’s the biggest goal we have as content strategists and SEO gurus: present relevant content to a collection of users, who are looking for a specific answer, and convince them that they’ve found the product or service that will solve their problem.

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Why Your Website Isn’t Showing Up On Google

At webFEAT, we get this question all the time: “Why isn’t my business showing up on Google?” or “I used to rank on page 1, and now I’m nowhere to be found. Why did my rankings drop off?” Whether you’re a new or existing business,  the first page for searches

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