ADA Compliance for Social Media

ADA For Social Media

Ensure ADA Compliance For All Social Media Channels

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Ensure user accessibility to your websites with American with Disabilities Act Compliancy

Implementing ADA best practices to meet recommended guidelines

Much like the importance of ADA Compliance on your website, it’s becoming more and more important for ALL of your digital assets to be ADA Compliant. This includes your company social media profiles. It’s already open season for lawyers against businesses websites that aren’t ADA Compliant and Social Media could be the next target for lawsuits.
If your business relies on ADA Compliance for your website then you more than likely need to be concerned with ADA Compliancy on your social media profiles as well – and it’s not as simple as pushing a button. There’s a plethora of time consuming guidelines that all help your social channels achieve compliance.
In part with our general Social Media Marketing Services, our team will ensure that every piece of content posted on your channels is following the recommended ADA Guidelines. Digital accessibility is important and we work hard to make your content accessible to everyone.

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