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Bouquet was one of the first restaurants in the area to embrace local and sustainable farming as a cornerstone of its mission. They wanted a bolder, fresher & more fluid website to reflect that. On top of their updated website design, we also helped them to boost their SEO, target specific customers with google and social media ads, manage their content, and host their email. Here’s how our specific marketing efforts and strategies helped Bouquet Restaurant to refresh their brand identity and clearly communicate with their customers.


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Our Process


Working with Bouquet started as a one-time SEO effort to help the restaurant capture more Cincinnati-local searches and also to draw in more of the crowd from across the river. After becoming successful, we started working with them on PPC, Social Media and Website Design. From there it has developed into working with the Y’all Hospitality restaurant group. For the most part our efforts have focused on generating exposure, driving private party leads, and more reservations + revenue.

Social Media Ads

We manage and implement social media advertising across both Facebook and Instagram. Our main goal is to garner more awareness for Bouquet Restaurant through Brand Awareness and Reach campaigns. We also drive conversion using conversion campaigns in the form of reservations through both their website and Open Table.
By promoting things such as Happy Hours, menu specials and behind the scenes footage from the restaurant itself we are able to increase Bouquet’s reach, user interest and ultimately business.
We deploy ads using multiple social media ad strategies including targeting Lookalike Audiences, Interest-based targeting, and behavior based targeting in order to capture the ideal audience and get the highest ROI for Bouquet. In combination with our SEO efforts, the social media ads have performed spectacularly by increasing social following across both Instagram and Facebook month over month. And by growing traffic to the website and Open Table reservation system.

Website Design

Bouquet’s website was definitely in need of a little TLC. They wanted to upgrade their new site to be a more fresh, modern look that was more true to their brand. Since they are known for their delicious food, we wanted to design something eye catching and mouth-watering that matched the high quality dining experience their patrons are accustomed to. We started with the homepage and added better images that really show the vibrant colors of some of their menu selections. We improved the layout by making it less cluttered than the previous site and easier for users to find what they’re looking for. We also made the site mobile responsive so that no matter what device people were using, Bouquet’s website looked amazing across the board.

Design Highlights

Updating the images on the homepage of Bouquet’s website did amazing things to bring more life to their brand. We wanted to showcase the yummy food they have to offer and really entice people to want to eat there.
A lot of things rely on sites being easy to navigate: bounce rate, conversions, and SEO. We worked with Bouquet to make sure that their website was super easy for people to use and find the information that they need.
So many people use their phones to browse websites, especially when looking for somewhere to eat! We made sure that Bouquet’s site looked just as good on a phone screen (or tablet) as it does on a big desktop. This really helps with their ability to attract customers to the restaurant.

Content Management

The content for the Bouquet Restaurant website is thoughtfully curated to support overall SEO goals while also faithfully representing Bouquet’s brand personality. By combining strategic keyword research and current trends in web copywriting, content creation keeps the site fresh and relevant in search.

Email Hosting

We rounded out all of Bouquet’s marketing efforts by providing them with secure, seamless email hosting, which really helps to streamline all online activities for them.

Services Provided

  • Google Ads
  • Social Media Ads
  • Content Management
  • Email Hosting

Website Features

  • High-quality imagery
  • Responsive web design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blog

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