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SEO that leverages research and data for continuous improvement

Our team of certified digital marketing professionals can create positive change with your business online, that translates into overall growth.
We use best practices and data to help search engines understand your website + brand, so that it can be shown in front of the right target audience. Whether that audience be local, national, or international. We also stay on top of the latest algorithm changes and trends to keep you ahead of the curve with your competitors.
Our SEO efforts start with learning about businesses and identifying their goals. From there, we can develop the best plan of action, set milestones, and work to deliver ROI. We do everything from all-inclusive digital marketing programs to one-time event advertisement pushes.

SEO Roadmap

How long will it take to see results? What levels of traffic can we expect? What kind of process should we expect? Is there some kind of timeline?
These are common, warranted questions we address right from the start of an SEO campaign. We want everything to be as straightforward and clear as possible. We do this by creating a roadmap. Here is an example
A basic roadmap (starting point/details will vary-we prioritize by potential impact):
-Onboarding and Research to identify our target audience, and narrow that target (Month 1)
-Fundamental improvements that lead to more phrases ranking, and more appearances in search (Months 2-3)
-Content/Data based improvement, to progress rankings towards the first page, continue growing search presence, and starting to generate clicks to the site (Months 3-8)
-Continual improvements to get valuable phrases on the first page (Months 8-16)-This is where it becomes really dependent on competition, what we’ve found to this point, etc.
-Continuing to optimize until we reach the first page, focusing on UX/CRO. Generating the most inquiries or sales for the lowest cost (ongoing)
-Maintenance-staying up with algorithm updates, competition, new searcher intent, etc. Once we are ranking well, we need to keep it that way! (ongoing)
Our goal is to help you achieve business goals and have that translate into more profitability and growth. We’ll utilize analytics to show you costs vs return (sales, inquiries, etc.), and do whatever we can to leverage ROI.
Local Company Traffic and Lead Growth
Surface Treatment Company Website Traffic Growth

SEO Strategies

Our strategies are customized around your business goals. We’ll develop a comprehensive SEO campaign that will give you a leg up on competitors.
Some of our SEO Strategies
-Content Development and Management
-Technical SEO
-Fundamental SEO
-Data Based Improvements + Leveraging Tracking
-Backlink and Listing Acquisition + Management
-UX/CRO Improvements
-Incorporating Strategic, High ROI Ads
-Local SEO
-So much more
Ultimately, we’ll leverage our roadmap and adjust as needed with the data at our disposal, and changes in your business. We strive to reach a point you see consistent, significant ROI from your webFEAT Complete program.

Cleveland Is Our Second Home

Cleveland was a natural expansion for us being in Ohio, with multiple team members who grew up there. We love helping our neighbors grow their business, strengthening our city and state. Our office is located Downtown at 1536 St Clair Ave NE Suite #40 Cleveland, OH 44114.

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