“WP3”- WordPress Protection Plan

More Than Just a Hosting Plan!

The WP3 Hosting Plan is only $120/month (Billed quarterly) Per site
SSL: (Secure Socket Layer Certificate) – Required $200/year per site

Our Guarantee:
If the site files are compromised, webFEAT Hosting will repair the site files at no cost to you. WP3 sites are monitored 24/7 for any type of site outages that could occur, particularly due to plugin updates, etc. There are currently over 90,000 site hacks per minute. 52% of WordPress hacks are caused by out of date plugins. To read more about the current level of concern, please read the following article: https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/doj-disrupts-chinese-hacker-effort-malware-hijack-us/story?id=106832388

Security and Safety:
WordPress’ websites require frequent updates to the WordPress core, security, theme and plugins. These checks and updates must be done routinely in order to keep your site safe and secure. Our expert team will monitor your site files and complete daily checks and updates to all plugins and to the WordPress theme. After updates are made, we carefully check the integrity of the site files to make sure nothing has been compromised. We also include an extra layer of security by monitoring 24/7 with the advanced Sucuri firewall.

Email services are available at no charge when your website is hosted with webFEAT Complete. Please indicate your email preferences on the Hosting/Registrar online form.

To learn more, visit our site and watch our WP3 video! https://websitehostingcincinnati.com/

In order to host your website, we will need a completed hosting form: Hosting/Registrar online form.

Terms & Conditions
• Hosting fees are billed quarterly. Cancellation of hosting must be in writing and requires a 60-day notice. No partial quarterly fees will be refunded. This agreement is an annual agreement and will automatically renew for subsequent years.

• Many plugins and themes require paid licenses in order to access the updates. The updates keep the site safe from hackers. You will be invoiced for these licenses as they occur.

• Should a theme or plugin be deprecated (no longer able to be updated), we will notify you and will advise you as to the necessary action that is needed. If no action is taken and the website is hacked due to this vulnerability, the cost to repair the hack will not be covered within the scope of this agreement. Theme changes are not included within the scope of the WP3 program.

• Conducting updates to plugins requires advanced technical skills. Some plugins may have been customized to provide increased functionality. Do NOT update these plugins. It is possible that we may not be able to update a customized plugin without overwriting the customization. Time to adjust customized plugins is billable.

• Theme changes are not included within the scope of this agreement.

• PCI compliance testing and adjustments are not included in the wp3 plan.
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