Thumbtack: What Is It And Should Your Business Be Using It?

Recently, we’ve been using a new way to acquire customers. It’s called Thumbtack and the premise may be fairly new, but the results can not be argued. So, should your business be using it?


How Thumbtack Works

Here is how it works. A customer comes to the site and enters information about what service they need. It could be a plumber, a DJ, a tutor, or in our case a web development company. They list what services they need, where they are located, etc. As a business, you are then alerted that there is a customer looking for your service and you are then given the opportunity to send a quote to them. Each quote you send has a cost to you attached to it, varying depending on theĀ competitiveness of your industry. A customer can then read the quotes and make a decision that they feel suits them best, or call the companies to further discuss their options.

Thumbtack requires little to no effort on the business’ part. All the heavy lifting is done on Thumbtacks end. No cold calling, no advertising. It’s a cost per quote system. Just fill out your profile and send quotes as they come in to those that you feel you can serve best. Whatever your service may be, Thumbtack is a great way to acquire new customers. Check out the webFEAT Complete Profile to see how it all works.

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