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iOS 14.5 will soon be introduced to Apple users. With this software update comes new privacy requirements that will solidify the necessity for ongoing SEO efforts. By optimizing your website for the search results, you are able to maintain connections with your business’s desired audiences. Following Google’s decision in 2020 to phase out 3rd party cookies, Apple is now making it a requirement for apps to request permission to collect third-party data on the user.

The expectation is that the majority of users will opt-out of third-party data collection. This change will drastically impact the world of digital and social advertising. Advertising platforms like Facebook depend on third-party data to help focus, retarget, and attribute sales back to ads. Experts anticipate that this change will make social and digital advertising more challenging. The change may cause people to seek out other means to reach their online audience. The best means to reach an audience without the use of third-party data? Ongoing search engine optimization.


The impact of iOS 14.5 on SEO

In times of uncertainty, it’s helpful to focus on things we can control. While the impact of iOS 14.5 on digital marketing remains uncertain, we are sure of something: Ongoing SEO will continue to benefit your business and help you reach your target audience. Privacy updates will not impact your ability to research your target audience and provide them with valuable content on your website, helping you rank higher in the search results. By investing in ongoing SEO efforts, your business can continue to connect with your audience without the use of third-party data. Also, with the rise in privacy awareness, now is a great time to add a banner to your website indicating your cookie usage and privacy policy to notify your users of your data collection.

Privacy Policy Cookie Banner


Benefits of ongoing SEO

SEO doesn’t require the third-party data that iOS 14 warns against

Unlike methods such as Facebook advertising, SEO does not require the use of third-party data. You can find all the information you need right in the search engine data through tools like SEMrush and Google Analytics. This data is collected from users searching the internet and will not be affected by the privacy updates of iOS 14. Using this data allows you to organically target your audience.


You are in control of your optimizations

You can’t control what moves and changes big players in the game like Apple and Facebook are going to make. What you can control is your research, analytics, and optimizations to your website. By continuously updating your website’s content to target important keywords, emphasizing important links, acquiring backlinks, and offering value to your audience, you are in control of your opportunity for success


SEO allows you to cater to your target audience

By researching your target audience, you are able to create website content specifically for them. Organically presenting people who search for your chosen keywords with the information they can connect with will help establish your brand as a thought leader. You can answer their questions, give them tips, and nurture them down your sales funnel- organically. This helps you connect with users and build trust in your business. 


The effects of SEO compound overtime to propel your growth

SEO is not a one-time solution. It is a continuous effort and, if done correctly, will help your growth compound over time. Continuing to optimize and create high-value content will drive more and more users to your website, increasing your opportunity to generate sales. As this traffic increases, along with the other optimizations you make, your authority will increase and help boost your rankings. 


Ongoing SEO has always been a worthwhile investment. The changes to the digital marketing world cause uncertainty in some marketing methods, such as social ads. Because of this, you will benefit from focusing efforts on organic search. Our team of experts would love to work with you. We can help develop a plan to expand and improve upon your website’s SEO efforts. You can reach out to us for a quote, or fill out this form for a free SEO audit to start building the foundation of your plan.  

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