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Business to Business (B2B) advertising can be tricky. Even more so online. There are countless channels touting they can get your business in front of thousands of eyeballs — and that may be true. But, are the people seeing your ads even a relevant audience to your ideal customer? Who’s to say?

There is a way, however, that you can guarantee your digital advertising is being shown to the exact people you want to see your ads. It’s a simple strategy called “Job Title Targeting”. This is where, you guessed it, you target specific job titles of people that your company typically deals with and typically are making the buying decisions for your product or service. Here’s how it works.

We’re going to use LinkedIn for this example because they have the largest and most accurate professional job information database available for their users. They also typically have the most qualified user base when it comes to B2B advertising. Let’s also for the purposes of this demonstration use a Digital Marketing Company (like ourselves) to illustrate how we’d target potential leads.

The first thing that we do is determine the individuals that we usually deal with when we get a lead from a company in. In our case, that’s typically Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, COO’s and for smaller companies CEO’s and Owner’s. We refer to this group as “Decision Makers”, or, those who have authority to hire us. We can, and will, expand upon this once we have run the ads for a bit and add in any other relevant titles we discover. 

Job Titles LinkedIn

Next, we’re going to determine the seniority levels we want to target. So while we may be targeting Marketing Managers, companies use different terms for different levels of seniority. We want to make sure we are going after the decision makers. In our case, we’re actually going to “exclude” any person who’s position is considered entry level, training or unpaid. This makes sure that our ads are not shown to those level individuals thus saving our ad spend for the correct audience.

Job Titles LinkedIn Seniority

We’re also able to target according to skills, interests and other attributes, but for now Job Title and Seniority will suffice. And if we wanted to take things one step further we could also target by specific industry. So in our case we work with a lot of Manufacturing companies and could target Decisions Makers in the Manufacturing Industry. But again, for now, the titles and seniority will get us started on the right track.

LinkedIn Targeting

From there the rest of the process centers of the ad type, creation, budget and destination. As you’re filling in your target audience you will notice you can get a live update of estimated results off to the right of your screen. This allows you to see if your audience is too broad or too small and other important metrics you want to track.

Once your ad has been running you can check your results and see the actual number of ad views and clicks by job title, industry etc. This can help guide you in the future when targeting other demographics.

Each social media channel has their own version of job title targeting and they’re all fairly straightforward. However, soley using this basic advertising strategy is not always the most optimal route to grow your leads and sales. Constant monitoring and optimizations are required to get the most bang for your buck. webFEAT Complete is well versed in all B2B (and B2C) industries. We’ve worked with any and every type of company you could imagine and have historical data that allows us to optimize your ads quickly and efficiently. If you’d like to learn more about social media advertising you can click here to read more about how these low cost, highly targeted ads can help propel your business and grow sales!

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