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A new era of technology is upon us, and new social media platforms are emerging seemingly every day. It is essential to analyze these trends in social media platforms and how your company can grow from them. Adjusting to the new algorithms and staying in tune with the content that your audience is consuming is vital to learning to grow as a company on social media. Let’s dive into how you can keep your company up with the changes and enhance your social media content to scale to an empire.


What are Reels?


Reels are a short form of content typically under 1 minute that generally compiles attractive and to-the-point information. Viral business reels tend to be highlighted as informational, shocking, controversial, emotional, or even funny. Focus on the audience you want to target; there are a multitude of ways to set up your content to be psychologically intriguing to your audience. These reels can become addicting because of how they make the audience feel. Find your business’s target audience and figure out how they like to feel emotionally.  Reels are about emotionally grasping your viewers and giving them value. Once you find out which style works best for your audience, apply it to your business content. Guage your insights from those posts, and pinpoint what works.


Creating Value for your Customer


Value is one of the most important aspects of a reel. It must be valuable to the viewer in the sense that it could benefit their lives. For a business, your reels should be providing the solution your customer needs. Provide value so the video is engrained in your customer. You want your consumer to feel that value and take initiative on it. Creating a loyalist over reels can be done with time, there comes familiarity with the brand and then realizing they may need these solutions. The reel should also ideally generate authentic discussion. Make your posts and reels share-worthy to optimize the growth potential. Social media platform algorithms tend to promote the posts that are being shared the most (high engagement). Find that value that will encourage your customer to talk about it.


How Content Goes Viral


Garnish a massive discussion on a post, high engagement is achieved; social media platforms see this and will boost the post to keep their consumers engaged. The majority of the topics that go viral have discussions/debates behind them. Algorithms between TikTok / Instagram / Facebook / YouTube / Twitter all generally promote what is being shared and commented on the most. They know that what keeps their consumers on these apps/videos is engagement. Once they have that user go to the comment section, it’s a win/win for social media and the business. The social media company knows they’ve achieved a highly engaged consumer. This is why these social media algorithms are built to pick up on reels/videos with this high engagement and promote them. It’s an algorithm that you can take your content to reach millions of potential customers. This exposure can turn your company into an empire.


Authentic Content


It is imperative that you stay authentic to your audience through real and ethical content. Avoid click-baiting unethically; always think twice or even three times before posting. For company content; the content ideally should be professional and high-quality. Authentic content can provide a pillar of expertise, professionalism, and qualification for a company.


Explore and Test


It is time to figure out exactly what makes a successful reel for your company. Go out and research your competitor’s content, figure out what worlds and test multiple styles of reels. It is rarely an overnight success, so trust the process and learn from what works and what won’t. Reels take time to understand. Invest your company’s time to create ideal content and they can be the gold mine of your business.



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