What is a Facebook Relevance Score and Why is it so Important?

Facebook ads are some of the most affordable and effective forms of advertising on the internet. And if you’ve done any amount of advertising on Facebook then you may have seen a particular metric that Facebook uses to calculate the performance and optimization of an ad you are running. It’s refereed to as a Facebook Relevance Score and it is an important metric to keep an eye on while running your Facebook campaigns as it could help your ads yield better results.

What is a Facebook Relevance Score?

A Facebook Relevance Score is Facebook’s measurement of a particular Facebook ads’ performance. It is meant to give you a general idea of how well your ad is performing in your set demographics compared to ads with similar qualities as your ad. It is basically a score of how well your ads are performing versus your potential competition’s ads.

How does Facebook Measure Relevance Score?

Facebook will provide each individual ad a relevance score of between 1-10 with 10 being the highest. This occurs after your ad has reached 500 impressions. There are multiple factors that Facebook analyzes when determining a Relevance Score. There are both positive and negative user actions that can either raise or lower your relevance score. Positive feedback includes things like clicks, app installs, video views – depending on your campaign objective. And negative actions include things like users clicking “I don’t want to see this” or reporting your ad as spam.

Why is Facebook Relevance Score Important?

At the end of the day, the Facebook Relevance Score is so important because the higher the score on an ad is, the less you are going to be paying per result. For example, one of your ads may have a 2 score and yield 100 results for $1.15/per result while an ad with a 9 score could yield 100 results for $0.23/per result. This is because the entire goal of a Relevance Score is to serve your ad to, you guessed it, the most relevant people. This is all done through how well your targeting and ad creative is.

It is important to note that Relevance Score as a metric doesn’t affect how Facebook serves your ad. If Facebook measures your ad as a 2 after 500 impressions it doesn’t then penalize that ad and show it to less people. The only thing that affects your ads performance is with your targeting, creative & budget. The Relevance Score’s sole purpose is to show you the performance of your ad’s ROI against similar ads ROI.

Where to Find Your Facebook Relevance Score

Facebook’s advertising tools can be a daunting undertaking to look at for any novice marketer. The Relevance Score is just one of hundreds of metrics Facebook measures, so finding it can be a little confusing. The first thing your going to need to see your ads scores is to set up a Facebook Business account as well as a Facebook Ad Account. Once you’ve started your ads through your account you can then navigate to your Relevance Score by clicking the “Ads” tab in the ad account and scrolling to find the relevance score field. If it’s missing you may need to add it by clicking “customize columns” in the top right. If you’re seeing your Relevance Scores are low, in the 1-5 range you may want take a hard look at your ads.

How to Improve Facebook Ad Relevance Score

Facebook makes it very clear that a low Relevance Score doesn’t necessarily mean your ad won’t yield you results. If your ad is yielding results but has a low Relevance Score it’s recommended not to change the entire ad to try and get a higher score. Instead, focus on improving that ad through targeting and creative tweaks.

It’s very, very, VERY important to get your targeting fine-tuned when doing any Facebook Ad Campaign – probably the single most important thing. If you aren’t hyper-optimizing your Ads correctly you are going to be spending a boat load more money per result than you should be. And a well-optimized Facebook Ad is one of the single highest ROI marketing strategies on the internet.

The second way to improve your relevance score is to simply put, create great looking ads. That’s part of what we do for all of our clients using our social media ad management services. Our social media specialist, Justin, states “There are two ways to get the best results from a Facebook Ad Campaign – create great looking ads, and serve those ads to the correct audience”. And if you think about it, it just makes sense. But sometimes that’s easier said than done.

Getting Started

We realize that make great ads and show them to the correct people sounds a little too simple. And truthfully, it does require a lot of work and time. In fact we have an entire team of people at webFEAT Complete whose sole job is to get the best ROI on your social media ads as possible. And we’ve been doing it a long time and know all of the ins and outs, secrets, and strategies to kick start your businesses social ad game. If you’d like to know more about how Facebook Relevance Score can affect your ads, or would just like to learn more about social media advertising in general, our doors are always open. You can comment below or contact us here!

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