Real Digital Marketing ROI Examples

From $6,000-$60,000+ per year, investing in a digital marketing campaign can be intimidating upfront.

To ease the feeling of any worry, I urge you to consider the ROI potential.

These recent, real-life examples should provide some reassurance and a feel for what could be possible with your digital marketing campaign.


ROI Example 1-Manufacturing Site Relaunch + Ecommerce Rollout

Services: New Website Launch On A New Domain + Redirects, SEO, Google Ads

Annual Investment: $15,600 + Ad Spend + One-Time Site Cost

Goal: Grow sales online

Result/ROI (7 months in):  Over $65K in online sales so far in Q1. 75% of Transactions and revenue were from organic search traffic. Average monthly online sales revenue is up over 200% compared to revenue data on the previous site year over year. This is the result of successful passing of value from old site/domain to new, which resulted in expedited traffic recovery + visibility in search + sales ramp up.

Projected ROI over 1 year and beyond: Having already covered digital marketing costs for the year, reached ROI, AND covered their site cost in year 1, the ROI potential in the future is enormous for this company.

Organic Traffic Growth Example

*Organic Traffic from site re-launch to current (March incomplete)

Conversion Growth Example

*Goal Completions/Conversions: RFQ form submission, click on email or phone number link. (March incomplete)

Revenue Growth Example

*Q1 revenue to date. This graph doesn’t look amazing, but this new site generated the same amount of Q1 2020 revenue in Jan 2021 alone. Q1 revenue up over 200% YOY.

ROI Example 2-Retail/Ecommerce

Digital Marketing Efforts: New Website Launch + Site Migration Redirects, SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Ads, New Website Launch

Annual Investment: $12,000 + Ad Spend + One-Time Site Cost

Goal: Raise awareness, grow sales online

Result/ROI so far (6 months in): Organic Traffic up 26%, Transactions up 13%, Revenue up 16%. We’re also seeing rapid growth in email acquisition from Google Ads + Social Media (~20 per week-no comparative data, wasn’t being done previously.) This is the result of a successful site relaunch and redirects, that expedited visibility growth and search presence.

Projected ROI over 1 year and beyond: This digital investment will likely break even or come just short of it in year 1. Year 2 I expect to see more rapid growth all around, and then ROI will become more significant as time goes on.

In this business’s case, we’re starting from scratch, which is why I expect it to take a bit longer to reach a return in the form of dollars. The product is also a lower-cost item, so volume is important. Emails may not equate to dollars now, but they certainly could later and that needs to be considered. Once that money return is reached the value grows significantly. Assuming the growth noted above continues transactions and revenue alone will pay for the investment, and then over time that growth will be amplified from email marketing + refined ad targeting. As time goes on and costs remain fixed or maybe even lower, the return delivered on this digital marketing campaign will become more significant.

Patience is important, you can not expect to go from poor search rankings to ranking on the first page and making regular sales online quickly.

EX1 Organic Growth

*Organic traffic YOY (year over year) comparison

EX1 Organic Growth Metrics

*Organic Traffic YOY engagement metrics

ROI Example 3-Financial Services

Services: SEO, Social Media Mgmt. and Ads, Email Marketing

Annual Investment: $60,000 + Ad Spend

Goal: Get more, and more qualified leads through a sales funnel and improve the digital-driven sales funnel

Result/ROI so far (19 months in): The client ultimately has to determine value based on closed clients. That being said, certain clients in this particular industry can have a lifetime value of over $1,000,000, and they wanted to do volume. More volume=more money in this case, especially if we get leads to be more qualified, which we did.

We communicated with the sales team that helped improve targeting, minimize wasted spend and increase qualified leads. Initially in the campaign, we passed value from an old domain to the new, and recovered the organic traffic back to normal in less than 6 months. Since the traffic has recovered, it’s up nearly 150%.

Ad spend has gone from $5K-$7K per month on average, to $1000-$1500, and we’ve still managed to increase leads from PPC to an all-time high with this reduction, with hundreds, sometimes thousands coming in each month.

Projected ROI beyond: As we continue to narrow our target, invest in what works, and expand digital marketing efforts based on data—the ROI will continue to expand too. In this client’s case, one high-value client could cover costs for the year. Digital marketing efforts have and will continue to help this business grow!

Organic Traffic Growth After 19 Months

*Organic traffic growth

PPC Lead Generation Example

*Google Ads Cost (blue) and Conversions (red)


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