How a Digital Agency Works From Home

We’re living through some truly historic times. 

The COVID-19 pandemic will have lasting effects on the way Americans work. The team at webFEAT Complete is very fortunate that the majority of our work is done in the online space. As such, we already had the tools in place to make the transition into working from home an easy one.

That said, even though we had the tools and the processes for virtual work in place, that leaves one more piece of the puzzle: our behavior. We know there are a lot of resources floating around right now about how to work from home, so the webFEAT Complete team decided to get candid about what working from home is like for us, and the personal changes we’ve had to make to adjust to our new virtual workspaces. 

How WFC Works From Home

Several of us have cited keeping the same routine, including getting dressed for the work day, as being a huge help while working from home. 

I try to stick to my same schedule timewise working at home as I do when in the office, so I eat a late lunch, take the same breaks, etc.” -Leon Barton, Designer

“I get dressed like I would be coming to work. It helps me set the tone for the day. I make sure that I get up every half an hour to walk and stretch, and I work without facing any windows… makes it feel like I’m back at my desk in the office.” -Mitchell Kellerman, Account Manager

“It can be tempting to lounge in your pjs all day. I have found that if I treat the morning like any other work day and get ready and dressed in real clothes it helps me mentally prepare for a WFH day. And then when I “get home” (the day is over) I can throw on my loungewear which helps break up the days so it doesn’t seem as if they’re all running together.” -Justin Marshall, Social Media Manager

We’re also been loving the opportunity to get some fresh air and go outside–while following social distancing measures, of course.

“Stepping outside has been super helpful. It helps clear my mind and gain a fresh perspective on my work.” -Jake Ostmann, SEO Analyst

I also go outside at least once a day even just to walk around for a bit, so it doesn’t feel like I’m spending too much time in the house.” -Leon Barton, Designer

“Make sure you are taking breaks, and getting outside. If you don’t, you will start feeling like you have seasonal depression. Not good for your mental health or general well-being!” -Ray Cheselka, CMO

Even when we can’t go outside, we make an effort to stay active.

“I actually tell Alexa to set an alarm for 30 minutes, and then I get up and make a call and walk in circles form one room to the other.” -Michelle Selnick, CEO

“I throw a little bit of exercise into my routine every hour or so. My goal is to have completed 100 pushups by the end of each workday. ”-Jake Ostmann, SEO Analyst

Some of us have kids, spouses, and pets to contend with…

A couple of us have a different at-home experience… first, you have to wake up, feed the kids, and get them situated so you can log on. Then, get a cup of coffee! As I work through the day it is important to take a break, but that involves a quick setup of a Hot Wheels course and making lunch. Then back to another movie for the kids. Next week, after spring break, there will be homework breaks. The good part is, I am the teacher, principal and superintendent of my school district so I will most likely be suspending, expelling and transferring students (sorry… Dad Jokes!).” – John First, Senior Designer

“As a pet owner, it can be tempting to let my dogs be literally all over me, all day. I’ve learned that to get the most work done, I still have to crate them for a few hours at a time like I would if I weren’t at home. That way, they don’t lose their sense of routine, and I can focus without tiny paws stepping on my laptop!” -Natalie Wilson, Senior Copywriter

“I’m currently in a household where both people are working from home. While it can be tempting to work side by side all of the time I’ve found that if we spread out to different parts of the house we’re both able to get more accomplished and it feels more like business as usual.” -Justin Marshall, Social Media Manager

…And a lot of us like to make sure we’re setting up very specific “vibes.”

“Leon Bridges… enough said. If being in the office helps you. I found this link to bring the office to your home . “ -Mitchell Kellerman, Account Manager

I really like white noise websites, like Noisli, and recently, I have been using the “Café” to make me feel like I’m surrounded by people. There is data to support that white noise boosts productivity, and the sound of peoples’ voices makes me feel a little less isolated.” –Natalie Wilson, Senior Copywriter

Make sure your setup is comfortable. I have a standing desk, wrist rests for my keyboard and mouse, good headphones, a good camera/mic, and I like to have good lighting and a candle lit. If the vibe is good, you will increase your productivity.” –Ray Cheselka, CMO

Finally, we’ve been refining our productivity techniques.

“I recently learned about a productivity strategy called the Pomodoro Technique which, if you aren’t familiar, essentially suggests that you work for 25 minutes straight and then step away and take a short 3-5 minute break allowing you to recharge for your next 25 minute set.” -Jake Ostmann, SEO Analyst

“In terms of tools TeamViewer has been working great for me so far.  I can access my work computer and get the same things done as I would when in the office.”  -Leon Barton, Designer

“I’ve mapped all of my download folders from Chrome, Slack, etc on all of my devices to my cloud storage account. That way, everything I download regardless of if I am on my work computer, my laptop or my phone, I am able to access all of my downloads and everything is synced up automatically. Instructions for how to do so are easily Googled and it’s as simple as choosing your preferred cloud storage service and changing a few settings.” -Justin Marshall, Social Media Manager

Maintaining “Business as Usual”

As you can see, the webFEAT Complete team is thriving under our new virtual work conditions! We want out clients to feel confident in our ability to provide them the same level of customer service they’re used to during this confusing time. We consider our work to be essential, because staying connected and relevant online is more important than ever. If you’re a business owner who is concerned about maintaining a normal level of business, give us a call to talk about expanding your online presence and e-commerce options. We’re the experts in selling online, and we’re here for you.

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