Why Creating Content is About More than Creating a Checklist

Writing is hard. In the marketing world, we not only have to create content that makes sense for our target audience, but we also need it to be unique and effective, reflect brand qualities and values, be well-reasoned and researched, supply data-driven evidence, be compliant with all the current rules and algorithms across the Internet, and encourage users to convert.

Easy, right? Not exactly.

The Situation: a “How-To” Hustle

When faced with the massive task of creating content, all of us content writers have the temptation of Google at our fingertips to “get the process started” or “research relevant topics” or (my personal favorite) “get our heads in the right voice for the content.” Any way you slice it, the need to create content not only presents the temptation to look at (and potentially copy) other writing in the marketing world, but also the stress of what these articles provide: perfection.

No matter what type of content you’re trying to write, there are innumerable ways to “hack” your way into the perfect content strategy.

You might be familiar with any or all of the following search results:

  • How to Write Good Website Content
  • How to Create Content that Converts
  • Ways to Create Content (Stress-Free)!
  • Content Creation Guides!
  • The Ultimate Content Calendar!
  • Perfect Checklists to Write Effective Website Content!!
  • How to Write SEO Copy (an Expert Guide)!
  • Best Way to Improve Organic SEO (Today)!

Don’t worry, I’ve clicked them all too, and will do it again I’m sure.

Any of the articles above could drive tons of professional writers and SEOs to them—based solely on our combined desire to be champions for our clients. As professionals in this highly competitive industry, we need ways to get our head in the right place quickly, have the best set of tools at our disposal, and know the pathways to find the best resources for any industry at any time. The effective SEO Professional constantly hustles for new ways to perfect and expedite the content creation process.

But, why?

Effective website content engages Internet users and wins business for our clients.

Simply stated: if we create the best content in the least amount of time, our companies also reap those benefits. We gain brand recognition, we gain good reviews, we gain more clients, and we gain trust.

3 Common Content Tools SEO Companies Use to Get Ahead of the Game

  1. Content Checklists
  2. Keyword Planners
  3. Content Calendars

The Benefits of Content Checklists

Checklists are the perfect solution for anyone needing to keep things structured. No matter if you’re editing a page for an existing website, writing a blog post, or creating a new website for a client, keeping tabs of all of your priorities and content elements will ensure that your task is finished completely every time.

You’ll see anything from:

  • Edit permalinks to include specified keyword
  • Check header hierarchy
  • Make sure all links tab to a new window
  • Add call to action to content
  • Optimize images
  • Customize meta title
  • Customize meta description
  • Spell-check all content
  • Read content as the user
  • Read content as the client
  • Make sure your content is persuasive and original

The list can truly go on.

At the end of the day, the biggest benefit we find from using content checklists is in the rhythm it creates. We gain process from using a checklist. We are able to have a method to the madness. We don’t solely rely on the muses of writing to get our work done. We are able to make a living by creating well written content that converts.

So, what’s the problem, you ask?

Why Content is About More than a Checklist

Let’s face it: writer’s block is a problem. But, there is a bigger problem at hand when we rely on the usefulness of a checklist too much. When we rely on a checklist from the very beginning of a writing project, not only does that resulting content lack a personal, unique touch, but it also tends to read like a formula.

Writing is an emotional skill.

While there are multiple categories of writing, the creation of content itself requires a massive amount of emotional energy.

What does our audience feel about this service?

What will our audience say in response to this blog?

What will our audience do if we tell them that?

If we want to truly stay ahead of the ever changing trends of search, we must be willing to do the hard work required to create content that is reflective of our brands, transparent to our methods, and focused on our audience’s intent. A checklist will not make you unique. A checklist will not give you integrity. There is no formula to create who you are.

The trick to creating something more is to keep writing until you hit a wall, include your team on the editing process, take a break to do something else on a different project and return with fresh eyes. You must go feat first: keep trying until you have that break through and you create something that your target  audience will appreciate and learn from.

Going Feat First at webFEAT Complete

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