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The team at webFEAT Complete was fortunate enough to get to spend a day volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. We spent the day contributing to the rehabbing of a home in the Lower Price Hill neighborhood. Usually, our work day is spent building digital “homes” for our clients in the form of websites, so when brainstorming ideas on how we could contribute to the community, we thought it was only appropriate that we contribute to building an actual home!

When we got to the site, the team divided and conquered. We spent the day moving in and out of small groups that were tackling a variety of projects. A group in the basement worked on installing floor joists, some worked on installing wiring on the second floor, and another group hung insulation and house wrap in the attic. So much fun was had, and to get to see the results of our work was so rewarding! It felt great to be able to give back to-+ the Cincinnati community for a day, and our team was pushed and challenged in new ways that tested our teamwork abilities.

The guidance that we received from the incredible Habitat for Humanity crew members was what really made the day possible. In addition to instructing the physical work we were doing, we were also educated about the neighborhood and the work that Habitat is doing in the area. Over the next few years, Habitat will have rebuilt several homes in the area for deserving local families. We were even able to meet the family that would be receiving the home we were working on.

The Habitat for Humanity branch in Cincinnati began its work in 1986. The first time they rehabbed a home in Lower Price Hill, where we were working, was actually in 1989. They went on to open their first Habitat for Humanity ReStore–a secondhand store selling build materials and furniture–in 2001. Throughout their history, they’ve accomplished many important things, including being awarded several “Top Workplace” awards and developing programs like Rock the Block, a “one-day blitz” of neighborhood repair that engages with and empowers local residents.

Habitat for Humanity is one of the most popular local volunteer opportunities, and they receive a lot of local support. It’s easy to see why. The volunteer process was incredible easy to initiate, and was both educational and rewarding. The webFEAT team would absolutely recommend this experience for any individual or group of people looking to made an impact while having fun.

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