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It makes me uncomfortable to think about all of the data and privacy breaches that have happened as of late. Governments, Businesses, and People are all getting hacked, their most important data being exposed.

Naturally, people are looking to protect their information and exploring privacy-focused browsers to explore the internet.

From a marketing perspective we were curious if, even with that limited data collection, any of these browsers offered advertising opportunities.

Our findings are outlined below.

Privacy Browser Breakdown-Advertising Opportunities

  • DuckDuckGo
    • Can you advertise? Yes!
    • Ads can be created and shown via submitted via Microsoft Advertising
    • We stumbled upon this while setting up some Bing Ads, deep in the settings as an ad distribution network
  • Brave Browser
    • Can you advertise? Yes!
    • Still private for the user! Built on machine learning and privacy. Reporting available
    • Ads can be on the default screen of brave browser, or push notifications on the bottom right of a screen. Placements where people users will absolutely see them
    • You can get started by contacting Brave
    • At this time they’re only accepting folks with budgets over $10K. I’m not sure what the time frame is for that. Either way, you can fill out a form and get on a waitlist when that budget requirement ends
    • Worth mention: Brave browser users can actually sign up for Brave rewards to receive ads and get paid in BAT token (a type of cryptocurrency) for viewing them and other content online. Users control how many ads they see
  • FireFox Focus
    • Can you advertise? No!
    • Their big thing is that there are no ads, and it makes your browsing more private, faster loading
    • Mobile-only
    • Firefox in general is pretty anti-advertising/allowing advertisers to leverage your data
    • Learn more about FireFox Focus
  • Tor Browser
    • Can you advertise? No!
    • All of the info out there is from 5+ years ago, and I can’t seem to find much except for inadvertent ads potentially showing up (that you should be able to block with the right settings)
    • High security, no tracking
    • Learn more about Tor
  • Epic Privacy Browser
    • Can you advertise? No!
  • Worth Mention, not a browser: Google FLoC
    • With all of the breaches, privacy suits, etc. Google and other advertising platforms have made changes. With the removal of third-party cookies, Google is using “FLoC” or “Federatied Learning of Cohorts. It creates anonymized cohorts advertisers can target. IT’s more interest-focused. Something to keep an eye on

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