Maintaining a Beautiful History: wFC Street Clean-Up

If you’ve never been to the webFEAT Complete office, you might not realize that it’s actually a historic home. CEO Michelle Selnick purchased the house and has repurposed it to fit the needs of the wFC team. We’re proud of our unique office space, and committed to honoring the history of our space and the vibrant community that we’re apart of. To put this into action, we’ve partnered with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful to participate in their “Adopt-A-Spot” Program.

Our gorgeous home-away-from-home was built in 1880. It was likely built in response to the construction of the Mt. Lookout dummy line of the Columbia and Cincinnati Street Railroad that opened in 1872. According to a press release at the time, the railway was intended to “…fill Mt. Lookout with families from the hot and overcrowded city and to make it as notable a suburban community as could be found in the city.”

The neighborhood endured through the devastating Cincinnati tornado of 1917, and accommodated and influx of residents when Ault Park Pavilion was built and dedicated in 1930. Shopping, entertainment, and culture filled the Mt. Lookout and Linwood areas in the years following, and many vestiges of these developments are still around today, which is great for us. The team at wFC couldn’t be more grateful for the amenities of our neighborhood. Whether it’s grabbing lunch in Mt. Lookout Square, or taking a heart-pumping stroll down the street, we like to stay plugged-in to the area.

Through Adopt-A-Spot, you might see webFEAT Complete team members wandering along Eastern Avenue with trash collection tools. We find a lot of joy in cleaning up the area we work in, and have gotten a lot of positive feedback from community members. The office culture here at wFC empowers us to take pride in the area we work in, allowing us to feel more connected to the Cincinnati community at large. Because most of our clients are local, we feel doubling invested in the success and well-being of Cincinnati, its residents, and its small businesses. It’s what drives us to guide our customers to online success, every day.

We encourage other businesses and organizations to follow our lead and get involved with Keep Cincinnati Beautiful! Even dedicating a small amount of time to bettering our community can lead to a big impact.

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