5 Reasons a Company Podcast Is a Worthy Investment

Podcasts are more popular now than ever before and I’d like to share 5 reasons why your business should be investing in a podcast related to your industry.

1. Podcasts Are the Perfect Advertising Channel

There are over 550,000 active podcasts and this number is growing daily. Podcasts are becoming a more prevalent advertising channel and rightfully so. There are benefits to advertising on podcasts that other media channels can’t offer. Listed below are a few reasons why you should consider advertising on your podcast or a podcast related to your industry.

  • Podcast listeners are a very loyal and engaged audience. This is a result of two things: 1) Podcasts attract niche consumers and 2) Consumers willingly tune into a podcast because they are interested not because the podcast was pushed in front of them like other forms of media and advertising.
  • It’s affordable
  • The host of the podcast has the audience’s trust and attention. This is possibly the biggest differentiator between podcasts and other media channels. Imagine listening to a podcast hosted by one of your idols and they begin recommending a product or service relevant to the podcast’s subject matter. The odds you will engage with that product or service are high. It’s important to note that a promotion like this is different than one of your favorite pop stars interrupting your YouTube video about furry kittens to inform you about a website you accidentally visited a few days ago. Podcast advertisements are often recorded in real-time and feel more authentic and natural because they are built into the content of a podcast episode and are told from a familiar voice the audience trusts.

2. Podcasts Help Establish Businesses as Thought Leaders

Within a few miles of your business there is likely another competitor in your industry. When a potential customer is doing research on the different service providers, they will be looking at various forms of evidence to help them make a decision. These include customer reviews, websites, pricing, portfolios, and overall trust. Podcasts present a great opportunity for a business to educate potential customers on its expertise of a subject and help businesses or influencers demonstrate the amount of value they have to offer. If a prospect is comparing your business to one of your competitors and they notice you have a well-established podcast it is likely they will choose to work with you.

3. Podcasts Are Effective Sales Tools

Anything that might convert a prospect into a customer is worth considering. Consider adding podcasts to the list of collateral your sales team currently uses. Imagine one of the members on your sales team just completed a client meeting that discussed a particular service your company offers but some questions were left unanswered. When the meeting ends, the client or prospect will leave and typically reflect about the topics discussed and gauge the level of confidence they have in your company. If questions were left open-ended there’s a good chance the client will feel uncertain about working with your business. A good salesperson will follow up after a client meeting and hopefully add some closure to the topics discussed. At this point, wouldn’t it be great if your sales team could run through a list of podcast topics already recorded by your industry experts and add it to their follow up email? Considering your prospect took time out of their day to meet with your company in person, it’s likely they will take a few minutes to listen to the podcast your salesperson provides. Following up with a relevant podcast is a great way to clear up any ambiguity your prospect may have felt during the meeting.

4. Podcasts Help Develop a Voice and Personality for Your Business

How many of your competitors have a company podcast? My guess is not many. A branded podcast will help your business stand out from your competitors and potentially help you reach new customers in need of your services. There’s a good chance someone within your company is a natural spokesperson capable of being the voice behind your brand. A well-developed podcast brings out authentic and personable traits that can be a great representation of your brand. Although the level of expertise and experience your business has in your industry is most important, your employees’ personality and authenticity are arguably just as important. A company podcast can help shed some light on the type of people working within your company, the level of expertise they have on industry topics, and ultimately whether a potential customer wants to work with the people employed at your company.

5. ADA Compliance

An issue that continues to put companies at risk is ADA compliance. Many business websites are not fully accessible to those with disabilities. By turning your blogs and other written content into an audible format, you are making your website more accessible. Although a podcast will not make your website fully ADA compliant, it is a step in the right direction. If you would like more information on ADA compliance contact us and we would be happy to conduct an audit on your website.

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