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Reporting Automation

If I had to pick one reason why you should consider utilizing Google Data Studio (GDS), it would be automation. Once you have your template setup and data sources connected, you’ll no longer need to worry about manually entering data into your reports ever again! Whether you are reporting to an internal team or clients, automation will allow you to spend more time analyzing your data and drawing valuable insights. Once you have your Data Studio template created it is simply a matter of updating date ranges and sharing your report with your team or client.

Sharing & Accessibility

You can easily share your reports with clients or employees through a simple link that can be opened in their browser. There’s no need to worry about end users not having Microsoft Powerpoint or whatever program you currently use. All they need is a browser and internet connection! Within data studio there are a number of user permissions you can grant to prospective recipients such as “anyone with the link can view”, “anyone with the link can edit”, or you can even grant edit/view permissions to anyone on the internet.

google data studio sharing settings

Data Consolidation

The beauty of GDS is that all of your data coming from Google Analytics, Search Console, Ads, and even 3rd party platforms can live in a single document. That’s right, you can sync up data coming from Facebook, Adobe Analytics, MailChimp, etc. right into your GDS dashboard.

Data Visualization

A big part of reporting is making data look more interesting than a bunch of numbers. Data Studio offers tons of data visualizations like tables, graphs, charts, and other customization features to help you communicate your web insights. You can easily adjust the data in each visualization by pulling from your various connected data sources and adding filters.


Don’t worry about taking up storage on your computer’s harddrive, Google Data Studio lives in the cloud! This is especially helpful if you have a large list of clients that each need their own unique GDS dashboard.

Stay Tuned

We will be taking a deeper dive into how to go about implementing data sources from Google and 3rd party apps, customizing your data visualizations, sharing reports, and much more over the upcoming weeks.

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